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Concessions Price List 

Popcorn Machine 

Popcorn Machine 4oz                     $60.00 Per Day
Popcorn Machine 8oz                     $75.00 Per Day
Extra Popcorn Packs                      $2.00  Each

All popcorn machines come with a starter pack of popcorn. Your choice of Yellow or White Popcorn and 2 dozen paper bags. 

Snow Cone Machines

Snow Cone Machine Rents For           $75.00 Per Day
Extra Quarts Syrup                               $ 7.00  Each
Extra Cones Or Straws                         $1.00 Dozen

All Snow Cone Machines come with a starter pack of 
supplies including 1 Quart of Syrup your choice,
2 Dozen Paper Cones and 2 Dozen Spoon Straws.

Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton Candy Machine Rents For      $75.00 Per Day
Extra Sugar Floss 1/2 Gal                    $8.00 Each
Extra Paper Floss Tubes Per Dz         $1.00 Per Dozen  

All Cotton Candy Machine Come with a starter pack
that includes 1/2 Gallon of Sugar Floss your choice
of flavors and 25 Paper Floss Tubes. Our Machines
come with the clear protective cover. 
Hot Dog Machines 

Hot Dog Steamer Rents For            $60.00 Per Day
Hot Dog Roller Rents For                $25.00 Per Day

The hot dog steamer holds 200 Hot Dogs and 
45 Buns. the Roller holds 18 Hot Dogs. 

All Concession Equipment Will Require
Credit Card On File  for Security Deposit 
and Signed Rental Agreement & Contract